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    The importance of digital marketing in the midst of the pandemic

    8 setembro, 2021

    How companies are reacting to new consumption habits

    It was March 2020 when everything changed in the entire world. Nobody was prepared for what would happen in the coming months: the beginning of the pandemic was abrupt. Now, almost a year and a half later, we still don’t exactly know how to deal with the adversities – which are still countless –, but we now have a clearer idea of what path to follow. And if there is something that is almost unanimous in business, it is the importance of digital presence. For those who want to stay in the market and continue selling products or services, it has become almost mandatory that the brand lives in the online environment.

    From there, we understand that digital marketing is today fundamental for any business, large or small. And we go further: we realize that we have much more to gain than just “surviving” an adverse moment like the one we are living in. But, for that, it is necessary to understand a little more about what digital marketing is, discover the best strategies and to follow some tips to be able to apply it efficiently.

    So, if you want to find out how to use digital marketing strategies in your business, stay with us!

    After all, why is digital marketing so important at this time?

    The pandemic has undoubtedly brought about a new way of living. As soon as social distancing became necessary, the virtual universe entered the scene in a very concrete way. Our social interaction, the dynamics of work and the way of consumption are now mostly online. And if people are on the worldwide web, then that is also where companies will find their consumers.

    So, if we want to sell something to someone, we need to: know how to find them or create an atmosphere for them to find us; know when they are ready to engage with us; know how to engage them with the business; keep an open communication channel to talk to them and also to listen to them; give them something of value that makes them connect with the brand. But how do we do it all in the digital environment? Using social media, e-mails, websites etc. This is digital marketing!

    The web allows companies to get closer to their audiences. Making this relationship in a strategic way, finding the right moment for communication between company and customer, strengthens the brand and, of course, can bring more sales. 

    It is necessary to know how to take advantage of the new consumer demands, understand and follow the customers’ feelings, looking closely at their goals. And on the Internet you can better understand your audience, reach more people and find the right ones for your business, as well as win loyal customers, receive feedback, improve the relationship with your audience, increase brand awareness and generate sales opportunities. All of this is encompassed in digital marketing!

    In Brazil, we are more open to testing new possibilities and impacting new companies. While we seek a connection with brands, we also want them to care about us and our experience. And this is a moment of opportunity for many businesses. But how to take advantage of this adversity? Here are some tips for you to start planning your brand’s digital marketing, even in the midst of the pandemic.

    Digital marketing in the right direction

    The focus is on user experience. If before the pandemic the default behavior was “go out to live life”, what is currently in vogue is “stay home to discover life”. And this has changed the dynamics of consumption. If on the one hand people are consuming less and trying to make only essential purchases, when they look for more diverse items, they pay a lot of attention to the brand’s service and to the value it will add to their lives. Understanding this is the first step to build a strategic mindset for digital marketing.

    The Internet is the new “shopping mall”, offering endless possibilities. So it is by looking at the users and at their goal that you will be able to make good use of the various methods of digital marketing. Here are several strategies to grow your business and to make your brand be seen and remembered. Everything will depend on your goals. Knowing where you want to go in the short, medium, and long term will help you define the means to be used to achieve the expected results.

    If you already know where you want to be in the future, you can now find out more about your audience. Understand what they do and their desires, goals, fears, dreams and routines. Learn everything about attracting their interest. These steps are the foundation of a digital business strategy in a pandemic. With this information, we take better advantage of the web resources.

    How companies are using digital marketing to their advantage

    An action which is now booming is brand awareness development. These days, companies run brand awareness campaigns to increase visibility, offer their products and services to more people, establish a solid reputation and build trust. And this can be done through SEO and Google Ads, two of the main strategies for becoming better known. The first is about organically occupying high positions in search engines (who doesn’t want to be the first Google result in relevant searches?) and the second is about advertising in a segmented and targeted way to those who are most likely to buy what you offer. If you don’t know where to start investing in digital marketing, these are good suggestions.

    Another point is the relationship with your audience. Using blog, e-mail marketing, push notifications or social networks to create useful content and become an authority in your niche is very important. On the way, take the opportunity to create a connection with your audience and improve customers’ experience with your brand. Use the virtual channels to answer users’ questions, increase interaction with your audience and create a community by providing education and relevant information. This is all about content marketing on the Internet. By doing so, you help to position your business in the right place, to the right person at the right time.

    There are also other ways to expand the territory where you operate. There are two digital marketing strategies that can help you to sell more during the pandemic: making ad campaigns on social networks (such as Facebook Ads) and working with influencers, from macro to micro; these actions can be combined to build your digital strategy. It is known that every business has a different need and a particular way of communicating, however, we know that some actions, such as the ones we’ve mentioned, are indispensable to make a positive difference in your business sales.

    Tips for a more efficient digital marketing

    We list below some actions that you should include in your digital marketing strategy.

    Evaluate the results

    In the online world, it is much easier to get hard data for analysis. And these measurements and observations from your performance will provide continuous improvement to your strategy.

    Attract the right audience

    Exploit one of the great attractions of digital marketing: audience segmentation. Targeting your message to the audience that actually represents a potential customer for your business optimizes your time and investment. The closer you are to your prospect, the greater the chances of conversion.

    Allow for feedback

    If there is something quite interesting that the digital environment provides, it is feedback from users about their buying experience. Social networks allow people and companies to communicate in a more transparent way. The suggestions received are very important for your business.

    Work together

    Hire a trusted agency to help you develop the best digital marketing strategies for your company. It is important to know how to have a relevant digital presence internally, however, it does not eliminate the need for a specialized consultancy to help you put everything into practice. A digital marketing agency will have the right mechanisms to enhance your business and help you achieve better results.

    Now that you know how important digital marketing is for a company, a question: will you apply any of these strategies in your business? Probably, the answer will be yes. And, in fact, it will be a great decision. If you want to build this work in partnership with a qualified team, you can count on us!

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